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New Features for WordPress

August 15, 2009

WordPress, our favorite blogging service, has redesigned the home page of Now it’s easier to discover random blogs that you may enjoy.

Also, WordPress now has it’s own link-shortening service, The service only applies to hosted blogs, however. You won’t be able to shorten any url.

Mountain Dew Game Fuel is Back

June 5, 2009

Mountain Dew Game Fuel Alliance Banner
The drink that was incredibly popular with Halo 3 fans is back. However, this time it’s here for some MMORPG fun. The new version of Game Fuel comes in two different flavors corresponding to the different factions of the game, the Alliance and the Horde.

The drink’s website is giving away some loot every 15 minutes, so click on that button up there. If we win something we’ll be giving it away to you guys.

1 vs 100 Beta Approaching

June 1, 2009

1 vs 100 is the first game on XBL to offer players a chance to win actual prizes. What kind of prizes, you ask? So far, we know Microsoft points, a home theater system with HDTV, and a digital camera are possible rewards. The beta for this revolutionary game is set to start tonight for gold members of Xbox Live. Check the spotlight section on your console’s dashboard to find specific game times for your time zone.

Important News Regarding Fable II

May 13, 2009

The last Fable II DLC, “Knothole Island”, had mixed reviews. A common complaint was that the expansion should not have been priced at 800 Microsoft points. Lionhead has now priced the new DLC, “See the Future”, at only 560 Microsoft points. It’s a shame you’ll still have to buy 1000 points to get it.

“See the Future” is available TODAY. For more info, visit its official site.

Also, Microsoft is holding a contest for a Fable Collector’s Edition Xbox 360 console signed by Peter Molyneax himself.

What Do You Want from Us?

May 13, 2009

Lubic4sho and I have been slightly off the radar with Project Infinitum lately. There really isn’t one specific why reason we haven’t been doing so.

Anyways, I’d like to know what you guys want us to do. Whatever interests you, may it be Apple, Xbox, or Coffee, just let us know. 

Your comments really mean a lot to us, and can affect what we achieve in the long run. Please comment!

Software Review: Tweetie for Mac

April 25, 2009

After much anticipation, Tweetie for Mac is here. If you’re like me, the first thing you did on April 20th was download Tweetie. Influenced by Tweetie for the iPhone, which we gave a 5 star review to a few months back, the Mac version packs in a lot of great features as a desktop client. Now let’s jump in to the review! Read more…

Jaw-Dropping Bike Stunts by Danny MacAskill

April 21, 2009
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As his name suggests, Danny MacAskill has some serious skill. The music adds a nice touch to the video, as well. But please, before you try any of the insane stunts he does, notice he wears a helmet. Safety first, kids. 

via Waxy