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A Mythic Sandbox

February 13, 2009

With the Halo Wars release nearing us and the Halo 3 Multiplayer Mythic Map Pack to follow, we decided to go in depth with one of the maps that is rarely spoken about — Sandbox. In Sandbox, players get to play on three, yes THREE, levels of forgeable goodness. Lets talk about the ground level first, we’ll discuss the sky map and basement in just a moment. The ground level is a map filled with objects that are great for cover. The structures also provide great slopes to be used as ramps, great for vehicles. The ground level of Sandbox is great for game types such as Slayer, Capture the Flag, Lonewolves, and Team Snipers. Now lets talk about the sky high portion of the map. In simplest terms, it’s a blank sheet of paper. Perfect for forge goers and provides a great setting for masterpieces to come. It overlooks the ground level of sandbox and makes you feel that you are looking down from the heavens, as if you were God or a Peruvian Black Beak Cock Eyed Eagle. The game types for this portion of the map would depend on what is forged up. Now, lets move on to the final piece of the map, the basement (or “crypt” as Bungie calls it). The basement can be described as Foundry’s big brother, if you will. The players can drop down from the ground level and land in a open space of nothingness. Of course it will be made into a work of art using forge. The basement is good for pretty much one game type- Grifball. 

Well ladies, gentlemen, and third party folks. That’s sandbox for ya, its going to be bundled in with the Mythic Map Pack which you can get through purchasing the Halo Wars LE or wait until it comes out on the marketplace (date is yet to be announced, but stay tuned!) Below you can catch some pictures that display sandbox in all it’s multiplayer goodness!!

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