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I like to carry small things with me…

March 11, 2009

…specifically my iPod shuffle. Apple announced today a new generation iPod shuffle to the shuffle family. According to Apple, this is the “world’s smallest music player.” The shuffle measures 1.8″ tall and 0.3″ thin. Pretty small if you ask me. The iPod has no buttons on it besides the OFF and SHUFFLE switch. The iPod is controlled by the headphones, they have a switch on them, similar to the ones that ship with the iphone. It’s made out of aluminum (same material as the new MacBooks) and has a stainless steel clip so you can put the iPod any where on you, the two colors available are Black and Silver. It comes in a 4gb model that holds up to 1,000 songs. But there is something new about this iPod that makes it special. It comes with a feature called- VoiceOver. The way this works is that you click and hold down a button on your headphones, then the title of the song and band is played back to you. Another key feature that is implemented in this new generation shuffle is the ability to have playlist, this new feature seamlessly integrates the shuffle’s new VoiceOver ability. You hold down the switch on you headphones and wait for a beep, once the beep is heard a voice will say the names of all your playlist, once you hear the playlist you want, you click the button once. This announcement is also followed by a iTunes 8 update, known as 8.1.

In my opinion, this is a great new addition for the iPod shuffle family. 1,000 song capacity, VoiceOver, worlds smallest music player, black or silver, and the ability to have playlist, I think this is a great buy for anyone that wants something simple and loveable. This new iPod Shuffle is priced at- $79.

Starting this Friday, I will write a weekly article that reviews one app from the iTunes app store. Check back this Friday to see the app I will be reviewing.

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