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Software Review: iPhone 3.0

March 29, 2009

Yep, you read it, we are giving you a early sneak peek at iPhone 3.0 software. Keep in mind that the software is still in beta and things are subject to change. Now lets jump right in!!

In this software update, Apple is not rolling out many new features as they did for 2.0. But they have met our demands and brought features that have been asked for a long long time. First and foremost is MMS messaging, all you do is tap the little camera icon while composing a message and you get the option to take a photo or retrieve one from your phone’s memory. Then all you do is tap send. Another key feature in messages is the ability to type in landscape mode, so for everyone with big fingers, this is your big break (yes, that pun was intended).

Next up is something that every iPhone user at one pointed wanted, Copy and Paste. Apple has finally heard our cries and has decided to implement something that seems a little late. Copy and Paste is really simple, you hold down your finger on a paragraph or line of text and the option to CUT COPY PASTE comes up. You then place the little tabs around the area you want to copy. Tap copy and the line of text is saved into the phone’s memory. This means you can switch between apps, for example: I can copy something from Tweetie and paste it in notes. I’ve used the feature a few times. It’s flawless and really saves you time when you’re trying to text someone information that you obtained through Safari.

Time to move on to something that I was really not expecting 3.0 to come with: Spotlight. At the bottom of your screen is a magnifying glass, and when you swipe to the right, you are brought to a whole new screen that gives you the ability to search your phone. When I say search your phone, I mean search your WHOLE PHONE. This little feature goes into all the apps on your phone and looks for exactly what you typed in. This is great if you have a bunch of info on your phone and you can’t quite find something. As for me, I don’t really need to use it too often.

Internet Tethering. What is this? You might ask. Well, its the ability to connect your iPhone to your computer via Bluetooth or USB and get onto the internet no matter where you are. I would have to say that this is the coolest feature about the new 3.0 software. This means that if you are taking a 2 hour bus ride and you want to get work done but you need the internet, all you do is connect your iPhone 3G to your computer and tell it to tether, then you have internet at 3G speeds. I’ve used the feature in a hotel to avoid paying WiFi costs and boy must I say, it saved me tons of money and it was really fast. While tethering, your phone will have a flashing blue banner at the top that tells you that you are tethering. I think if you’re a business person and you don’t want to spend money on one of those internet cards, this feature is the one for you!

We are coming to the close of our review, but before I let you drool over the photos I’ve posted for you, I’m going to touch base on some small new features. When you get 3.0, you will get a new app to the phone, which is called Voice Memos. Record memos and sync them to your computer to listen to later. Also, you will now have the ability to search through your iPod library with the newly added search bar in your iPod. You can now reply to e-mails in landscape. Landscape also applies to Notes and YouTube. On the subject of YouTube, you can now login to your account and comment on other people’s videos.

Well, that’s pretty much it gals, guys, and others. If you have and questions about 3.0 or feel that I left something out, or just wanna say how great Project Infinitum is, just leave a comment and we’ll try our best to tend to your needs. Now, you may drool over the pics of iPhone 3.0 software:

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