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App Review: Gun Smoke

April 4, 2009
Category: Entertainment
Publisher: Hypertron dot com inc.
Size: 3.3 MB
Price: $0.99

Gun Smoke? - Nine Guns

Ever thought of using your iPhone as a gun? The guys at Hypertron did with Gun Smoke. There are actually six guns on this app. Three of the guns let you toggle a silencer, so you could say that’s a total of nine guns.  The selection is as follows:

First off, the app let’s you choose between left-handed and right-handed. It’s fairly easy to use the guns. All you have to do is shake to shoot and tilt to reload. What’s unique about this app is that it lets you use the guns without actually having to touch the screen. That’s a great feature, but if you want to, you can always tap the trigger to shoot. The machine gun can be switched between full-auto, semi-auto, and burst. The revolver’s cylinder can be pulled out and the bullets can be added individually. You can even play a game of Russian Roulette by leaving one bullet in, spinning the cylinder, and testing your luck.

Sometimes, the app has trouble picking of movement, but this is something to be expected from most apps. Like I said before, if it bugs you too much, trigger-tapping is an option.

The level of detail of the guns is great, both visually and mechanically. The guns look great. The only thing I have to complain about is a little white dot next to the machine gun, but the developer can probably fix that with a small update. Each gun has a reloading animation that looks realistic.

If you want to make a suggestion to the developer’s you can do so in the information section.

I think this app is great for it’s price. You can pick it up for just 99 cents, so why not? Your friends will find it cool, and hey, why not do a little role-playing with it (okay, maybe that’s a little juvenile).   Bottom line: Gun Smoke is a great gun simulation app that provides high quality gun sounds and the ability to shoot without having to touch the screen. All for a low price. It’s absolutely worth it. 4/5

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  1. Chris permalink
    April 9, 2009 7:25 pm

    no problem

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