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App Review: Bebot

April 7, 2009
Category: Music
Publisher: Normalware
Size: 0.9MB
Price: $1.99

Bebot - Robot Synth

The iPhone is a perfect candidate for being a synthesizer, and Bebot is the perfect app to do so. Hit the jump for the review.

Bebot combines a fully functioning synthesizer with a cute little robot animation. The layout looks crayon drawn, but that fits the app astonishingly well. As you move your finger from left to right to change the pitch, the little robot moves back and forth. As you move up and down to control the timbre, he changes the shape of his mouth to fit the sound. So, the robot is a nice little touch of fun to the app.

There are four effects to choose from: Bebot, Pulse, Theremin, and Pulse-width modulation. The Bebot mode lets you change the timbre, the Pulse mode lets you change the timbre and the pulse width, and the PWM mode lets you change the cutoff and the resonance. All of the effects let you add echo and overdrive.

Bebot lets you choose whether you want to show the note grid or not. You can zoom on the grid to show only a section of the available pitches. You can also control the pitch, so when you’re zoomed in you can easily go to a higher or lower pitch.

There are four options for autotune. The first is easy: OFF. Then there’s slow. It tunes to you nearest note relatively slowly. Fast does it quickly. For these two options, tuning occurs on the first touch immediately and then after sliding. The last option is snap, which simply snaps to the consecutive notes. You can turn specific notes on the grid on and off to your liking.

Bebot is great for musicians and non-musicians alike. You can plug it into a computer or an amp to get bigger sound. Everyone should try it. I’ve been having a lot of fun playing it here in the basement. In all honesty, this review does not do it justice. You really have to see it in action to get it. We would do a video review on this site, but we have yet to get a good camera. I reccomend going to the developer’s website, and checking out the videos on there. This app deserves a perfect score, so that’s what I’m giving it. 5/5

Lubic4sho’s Comment: All he’s been doing is walking around the office playing all the sounds! (Actually pretty good I must say.)

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