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App Review: Tap Tap Coldplay

April 8, 2009
Category: Games
Publisher: Tapulous
Size: 49.4 MB
Price: $4.99

Tap Tap Coldplay
The guys over at Tapulous have done something I’ve been wanting them to do for a very very long time – Create a Coldplay based Tap Tap Revenge game. My wishes have finally come true, and it is here! I have been walking around the office all day, playing this game; it’s that amazing. Now let’s jump into the review!

First of all, this game is packed with ten famous Coldplay songs (three of which you must unlock) and one special mix of Viva la Vida. The songs are listed here:

  • Clocks
  • Fix you
  • In My Place
  • Life in Technicolor II **Unlock in Medium**
  • Lost!
  • Shiver
  • Lovers in Japan (Osaka Sun Mix) **Unlock in Easy**
  • Viva la Vida **Unlock in Hard**
  • Yellow
  • Speed of Sound
  • Viva la Vida (Thin White Duke Mix) **Unlock in Expert**

Like previous TTR games, the three “boss” tracks have their own special theme that was crafted to reflect their music video counter parts. With the flawless UI running off of the TTR2 game engine,it really makes you think about all the hard work that was put into this game.  You have the five standard game types: Kids, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. Each song is just as amazing to play on Expert as it is to play on Easy.

If your a hardcore Coldplay fan like Securi7y and I, then this is the game you want to get!

Project Infinitum gives this app a stunning score of 5/5

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