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Facebook vs. Twitter

April 9, 2009


Do you have a Facebook? Now a very common question among adults and teens is slowly being replaced with: Are you on Twitter? The line of questioning really started with Myspace: Do you have a Myspace? But eventually got replaced with Facebook. Now that Twitter is becoming more popular, is it becoming the new question to ask everyone?

Both of these social networks have the same key features: tell the world what you are doing. Granted, Facebook gets more into everything and allows you to add photos, write on “walls”, and communicate with your friends. Twitter is a very toned down concept of this, you don’t have friends, you have “followers”. Followers read all your updates and get informed about everything you are doing. Unlike a Facebook status in which you can update up to 160 characters, on Twitter it is limited down to 140. In an interview with Stephen Colbert, the co-founder of Twitter, @Biz, stated that limiting your “Tweets” to 140 characters or less “forces you to be creative.” This has also been said to make Twitter much simpler to use than Facebook because all you do is think simple and non-complex. When updating a Facebook status, your friends have the ability to comment on it or make a gesture saying they “like” it. Twitter also implements a feature like this, instead of commenting, you “@reply” the person. For example: Securi7y- “Just had a bagel for breakfast. Too bad I didn’t have chocolate milk to go with it.” if I wanted to reply to that all I would do is: Lubic4sho- “@Securi7y what type of bagel was it? Sorry about the Chocolate milk issue.”

Facebook is very feature rich, besides updating your status you can do a bunch of other stuff. Some of the things on Facebook you can do are: write on walls, upload photos, tag photos, update your status, etc. The list goes on and on with no end in sight. In this day in age when time is a virtue and sitting around “tagging friends” is just not possible anymore, you move on to something easier. This is said to be what is slowly killing Facebook. People don’t have time anymore to tend to what their friend uploaded from the party last night or how many people want you to play chess with them. No, you only have enough time to update your status, which is usually on the go.

Facebook and Twitter both provide mobile services for phones and have apps on the iTunes app store. Twitter has a much more variety of apps and Facebook only has one. Personally, I use Tweetie (see my review for more information). The Facebook app is nice and all, but still too complex, making it much harder for me to update my Facebook status on the go. It’s easier for me to launch Tweetie, type my 140 character or less status, and click send.

Facebook is still the #1 social network on the web, but for how much longer? Next thing you know, everyone will be coming up to you asking: Are you on Twitter?

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  1. Freiteez permalink
    April 9, 2009 4:25 pm

    I have both and I actually use Twitter now a lot more then facebook.

    • April 9, 2009 4:40 pm

      It’s the same for me. Twitter is a lot easier to take in. Plus, on Twitter people follow you because they’re interested in your updates. On Facebook, you can end up having a bunch of apathetic friends.

  2. Chris permalink
    April 9, 2009 7:25 pm

    I hardly use facebook, but no, twitter will never replace it.
    Too many people call twitter “stupid” because it’s only statuses, and they have a point.
    On my cell updating twitter and facebook are both easy, as you just type a message and send it. You’re better off not using ap0ps, just go old school and text it (well it’s not old school, yet).

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