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App Preview: SoundFXs

April 13, 2009

Sound Effects for Your Life! This is the slogan for the unreleased app SoundFXs. We got a first hand look and now bring you a sneak peek at what to expect in this upcoming app. The app should hit the app store about a week from the date on this article, now lets jump in!

Let me give you the low down about this app real quick; when you first get the app it comes preloaded with over 50 sounds. The sounds are placed in four categories, which is represented by the tabs at the bottom of the app, the categories are:

  • General
  • Animals
  • Nature
  • People

This is what could make the app possibly be considered “Four apps in One.” Instead of going out and buying a app that pertains to the categories listed above, all you have to do is purchase this one and you’re pretty much set. General sounds include alarm, card shuffling, explosion, etc. Pretty much random sounds that are pretty cool to mix together, which brings me to mention this: unlike other sound apps, in SoundFXs you can play multiple sounds at once to create something creative and fun. Animals include a dog barking, a elephant, goat, etc. The funniest thing to do with this one is when someone is walking past your room, hit all the animal sounds at once and watch that person’s reaction! Nature includes sounds like wind, thunder, ocean, etc. People includes sounds like applause, farting, knocking, etc. The perfect thing to do with the “People” category is to tap all the sounds at once, the outcome is amazing!

The app packs a lot of fun and laughter(literally, laughter is one of the sounds). This app is great if you’re on a phone call and you want to play some sounds to freak out the person you are talking to, just hit the home button, open up the app, and just go crazy! Unlike other apps where you have to buy certain ones to get certain sounds, this conveniently packs together all the sounds one could need. You won’t be stuck with all these sounds forever, more sounds will be implemented come future free updates!

The app does have it’s bugs and the occasional  crash here and there, but updates will come and fix that. This app is great to play around with and gets some laughs from friends, but don’t expect to be using it 24/7, it’s simple and fun.

For 0.99 cents, this is a GREAT deal for an app that is basically “four apps in one!!”


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