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Software Review: Tweetie for Mac

April 25, 2009

After much anticipation, Tweetie for Mac is here. If you’re like me, the first thing you did on April 20th was download Tweetie. Influenced by Tweetie for the iPhone, which we gave a 5 star review to a few months back, the Mac version packs in a lot of great features as a desktop client. Now let’s jump in to the review!


One thing that made Tweetie for iPhone famous was the ability to use multiple accounts, atebits has done a great job here and has integrated this feature into the desktop version. All someone has to do is switch between the two icons on the side bar and begin tweeting from that account. This flows perfectly within the app and makes it much easier to tweet from multiple accounts.


Tweetie is made up of a bunch of short cut keys. This saves a lot of time from clicking a person and finding the retweet option or reply option. To post a new tweet, all you do is hit the keys Commmand+N. A mini window box will appear for your tweet, after you’re done creating your tweet you hit the keys Command+Enter; this saves you from all those accidental tweets you do when you hit enter. Using the short cut keys makes Tweetie so much easier to use, it takes awhile to getting used to but after a day or two you’ll be using short cut keys like you’ve been using them your whole life.


Something the iPhone version had, but was not made as popular, was the ability to add a bookmarklet to the app. It is included in the desktop version, and it makes sharing an article or video so much easier. All you do is click “Post with Tweetie” in your bookmark bar and a tweet window pops up with the URL in it. You can then shorten the link by hitting the keys Option+Command+S. Then you can send your tweet out for the world to see. This brings me to talk about the multiple URL shortening services Tweetie brings to it’s users. You can choose between Tinyurl, Bitly, Diggbar, and more. This also applies to posting pictures, you can use TwitPic, yFrog,and more. Personally, I use Bitly and TwitPic. Integrations with photos on Tweetie is amazing, all you have to do is click a photo link in someone’s tweet, instead of being redirected to your internet browser the photo just pops up in a mini window.

We all know that Tweetie would not be complete without the ability to search. On the side bar is a magnifying glass, click that and a little search bar pops up in the right hand corner. Type in what you want to search, ranging from trends to replies. The results come up and you can scroll through them. You also have to ability to open the searches into a separate window, Just start a search, then go to Window -> Open in New Window to tear that search off into its own window.


After a few days of using it, Tweetie for Mac has now become my official desktop app for Twitter. It’s available in two versions; Free with ads that are very nonintrusive and 14.95 (until May 4th) for a non-ad version. Some things I would like to see incorporated into a future version would be the increase frequency of refreshes. I personally love this application and know that you will love it too.


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